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I love reading this stuff. I hope you continue.


That was hilarious!

Frankly, I haven't read this one. I read the first, and found it full of selective proof and rhetoric; just like what you are finding in this book so far. They seem to choose their evidence to support their argument, not make an argument based on the evidence.


Great writing. Please continue.


I absolutely LOVED this point of view. Please continue to post!


Trying to figure out (without purchasing the book) if they added data after their 2007 "preliminary" paper (don't cite it -- but google scholar says it has >30 citations, I assume due to the sexy topic).

The sample in the 2007 paper is 2,200 tricks, 160 girls (ctually prostitutes, I'm not certain they're all girls), and ONE 4th of July.

Then the big claim is that the demand curve shifts on the 4th of July (4th of July 2006). But linked from the Honest Courtesan blog (by someone who managed prostitutes in NOLA for 6 years) under the "off site" tag is this:


which argues that superbowl spikes and world cup spikes are a myth.

The same confluence of people and spirit of celebration surrounds the US Independence Day and these major sports holidays, so now I'm questioning the "demand spike" theory.

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