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"I think my dentist doesn't like statisticians..."

I think you're extrapolating from too little data. At best we can say that there is A statistician that your dentist doesn't like. :-)


John: Andrew agrees with you!

Thornhill Dentist

Unfortunately, statistics cannot be used to accurately describe dentistry and health in general as they cannot be generalized into simple numbers.

Hattiesburg MS Dentist

You also have to take circumstances into account. The amount of statistics you may have gathered will be thrown up in the air once an unforeseen event makes its way into the equation.

Mexico Dentist

Personally I'm not really that familiar with deep cleaning and I never experienced any. It's good that you researched about it but statistics doesn't always dictates it all. To make sure, maybe you can have second opinion from other dentist.

Dentist Garland Texas

Me too. I'm not familiar with that deep cleaning. But I also agree to them that statistic cannot tell it all.

Fred Collinsworth

Where did you get your data? Whoa! This is a bit shocking, I mean ever since we we're young, we we're taught that our toothbrush cannot clean everything that is on our teeth. Can you imagine how bacteria will eat your teeth if you would not let your dentist do that deep cleaning?

Mexican Dentist

Everybody's mouth is different. Remember, dentistry is part science, part art!


Statistics is just a mere data from random people which can be dictated and do not really define the whole concept. I still believe in the our current dental system and its importance in us.

Edmund Falkner

Deep cleaning serves as a basic treatment for periodontal diseases (tooth along the gum area). In deep cleaning, a dentist scrapes the plaque and tartar above and below the gum line, and then smooths the rough edges of the treated tooth. Only a few patients undergo surgery for deeper scaling.

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