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Hi, Kaiser - I like the remake of the chart with a simple pie chart for the 'Top 10' and then the additional chart on the right for the relative sizes. However, why is that right-side chart made of dots and not bars? If the point is to compare the sizes, we should not make the user consult the axis at the top of the chart, but can just use bars that show the relative sizes.

As for the second chart, I don't see the need to have two charts there at all. If you just eliminate the left column and put the 'Top 4 50%', 'Top 10 80%' and 'Rest of the World' labels right on the stacked chart on the right you get the same data with a simpler chart. Also, I don't understand the 'stylized flag coloring' of that chart - are you saying that the colors are attempting to match the countries' flags? If so, it is too subtle. You'd do better to include a small image of each flag in the bar. Or have I missed something?

Thanks for an intersting article.


Bob: Yes, agree with you on the bar chart.
For the second chart, I am trying to solve the problem of highlighting the main message. On any chart (pie, stacked bar) with country-level details, the reader's attention is immediately on the countries, not the aggregate groups of countries. The two sides could be overlapped on an interactive chart, in which the reader mouses over the aggregate groups to reveal the country details. I want to design a chart in which the reader first pays attention to Top 4, Top 10, and then look at individual countries. Any ideas?

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