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"Notice that the map up top takes up a lot of space while serving little purpose."

I disagree! The map provides a graphical representation which is quick and easy to interpret. Your proposal requires one to read and interpret a label which requires an extra cognitive load. (IMHO ;) )

This is a similar situation to instrumentation used in aircraft. The older "round dial" instruments can be interpreted without having to read the number - you just glance at the position of the needle.

The newer "speed tape" presentation requires the pilot to read and interpret the number.


"Your proposal requires one to read and interpret a label which requires an extra cognitive load."

Possibly true, but the bar chart would actually encode and display data that is not currently shown.

The map shows only the country of origin, and says nothing else.


German reader here: Nope, I'm not aware of a standard color scheme for different countries.


No, I've not seen those colours. In fact it looks like they've deliberately chosen colours that are not traditionally associated with those countries. If you picked countries' 'traditional' colours, you'd quickly run out of blues and reds in Europe!

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