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This hits the whole Trifecta.

1) The Question: what diseases have received donations vs how many people die from said disease doesn't seem to have any actual bearing on the issue. What would funding accomplish for each issue? What are the factors involved in a "cure" for each issue? Etc.

2) The Data: the data is suspect here too. We have a single year cited for the deaths variable. We have no years cited for the money raised variable.
We have a single charity or organization listed for each 'disease', with no indication of what percentage of total fund raising is covered by the listed amount.

3) The visualization is simply terrible. What little sense of the correlation between the money raised and the people killed by each issue comes only after studying the chart for a while.

A simple scatter plot would visualize this data much better,if it were the right data to visualize in the first place.


I tried to redraw it:


Anyway, I don't think my redesign helps much, I can't even remember why I choose to show money/death. Maybe it was the only thing that made sense to me at the moment. I just can't find any information on the data. And how can we measure the efficiency of the money? Maybe $ 50 for one disease prevents more deaths than $ 200 for another one.

Vox wants to be modern, but their infographics team is not helping.



Matatias: The whole concept is flawed from the start but your version shows how removing colors, not using bubbles, and transforming data can improve things. Thanks for the link.

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