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I would assume that the remainder are sales by existing home owners.

House prices have risen over the last year by a surprising amount (10%+) and that would reduce the foreclosures. So the figures are already available that they are trying to prove. Agree that their model is too simplistic to actually prove anything.

Jörgen Abrahamsson

I dont agree with the nested/paired bar chart bit at all. When showing two series like this the important thing is good visual separation. Clearly separation is better in the original chart.
Which series should be the fat one is the same problem as asking what series should be the black or blue? It is a question of whwere to put focus. I think focus is more even in the original.

Stackad bar charts are very problematic as the top series is impossible to see properly. Here we have the same problem of focus but much worse; which should be on top?

If one wants to show the relative parts, just calculate it and show that instead, as two series. Maybe with a seperate chart of the sum.


Jorgen: if you notice my language, I'd not have used a bar chart at all. The best way to show separation is a dot plot.

Jörgen Abrahamsson

yes,sorry I did read that and I think it is a good choice too. Sometimes I forget to write what I agree with. I agree with most of your writings.
The drawback with dot plot is that you mostly show the differences between values not their quantative relation. That is much clearer in a bar chart.
About separation separation can be a problem if the values are the same.

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