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I live thousands of miles from Brooklyn, but I googled, and the asterisks are exactly what they look like. Each arm of the asterisk is a square tower block of about twelve stories.


Gold and Sands


No need to live near Sands St. Google maps with satellite view will confirm that they are in fact asterisk shaped buildings.

Thank you for the posts through the year. I was involved in a class on statistical consulting last year and feel that I should have made more use of some of your material. It is an excellent exercise to go through the steps of starting with a ridiculous chart and producing something that is useful.


Even in non-satellite view, Google seem to have the same data set that lets them represent the buildings as shapes on their map.

Kees Duineveld

Did you ever see this Dutch map? http://citysdk.waag.org/buildings/


Derek, the local government will have this information, as they are involved in the planning process, and by this stage will have it entered in a Geographical Information System (GIS). They can then either sell or give the information to others to include in their maps. Mapping authorities also have similar information that they have entered from aerial photos.

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