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ezra abrams

ezra abrams

Respecfully, this is what is wrong with the huge amounts of blogging on charts.
You assert that one is better, but have no data (in contradistinction to clevelands 45o rule - he actually had data on how people percieve stuff)
me personally, i found the bar chart much more clear
a lot of that has to do with what people are expecting; a chart that might, in theory be better, is worse if people are not used to it.

But the main point is, respectfully, your opinion is just that - your opinion.

I have noted. over the last few years, that scattered about a very, very diverse literature is a lot of info on experiments that rarely makes it into the blogs on graphs.

to make a pos suggestion...you could have put up the two graphs, wiht min comment, and asked readers to prefer one.
I don't know how many people come to this blog, but that would be a nice data set; with some sophistication, you could even randomize the order in which the graphs are presented

ps: it is confusing to have the comments link separated from the article by a horizontal bar..could use some better clarity onyour blog there


While we might not know the average sentence, isn't it interesting to see the divergence in the maximum sentence for crimes of drugs and murder? In each case murder has a maximum less than drug crimes! That seems pretty important, and crazy!


Henry: When Sandy left lower Manhattan without power for a week last year, I had to check into a hotel. Got majorly gouged, six hundred per night for a small room in a holiday-inn standard hotel. I checked the door to look for the "rack rate". It said "This room may not be charged for more than $750 per night."

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