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waitaminute, are those circles being sliced according to the percentage of diameter? It looks to me as if e.g. a 20-40 split is being represented by a chord cut one-third of the way in. But that's a misleading way of representing 20-40!

Mike Bostock

The circle segments are split by area, not by diameter; this is so the area is proportional to the associated value. An explanation of the algorithm is here: http://bl.ocks.org/3422480


Why make them circles?

Erik N.

For some reason the most frequently used word after "Jobs", namely "Israel", doesn't even appear here as far as I can see. Perhaps the owner of this blog is a Jew?

Erik N.

Someone at the New York Times, rather. Sorry, should have read the post a bit more carefully. No wonder "Israel" was removed/concealed, then.

dan l

bwa c'mon Kaiser. That font is horrific.

I'm not even totally convinced that a word cloud ever really works.

Jordan G

Erik, when I typed in the word "Israel," it appears, but a frequency close to the word, "Jobs." I'm wondering of what importance you think the author's religion and the visualizations publisher is to the absence of this word.


Ugh, do circle sizes every work?

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