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Hi Kaiser,

my comment should be called YANE, or Yet Another Non-Expert. We are clearly lacking the insight of a geological expert here, who can tell us the criteria which was used to "censor" smaller earthquakes - we just don't know.

Assuming that the mechanism is the same for the last 40 years for which we have data, we still can derive a whole lot of information from the sample, which - you are right - is "what I was able to find".
Under this assumption, I think my post should be free of statistical fallacies.

All in all, I am most disappointed in how poorly the data was described by the USGS, although they make it easily accessible to the public.



Tom West

I'm wondering why Great Britain shows up so brightly in the map, even though it's well away from any plate boundaries.


The stacked bar chart of the number of earthquakes over time stacks the most severe earthquakes on top, and makes adjacent severities so subtly different in colour that it's hard to see the boundaries.

I'd replace it with a stacked line chart with the highest severities on the bottom of the stack, so that any tendency, as time goes on, for less severe earthquakes to be recorded more conscientiously will be more obvious.



I agree, it is much better to look at the boxplot: http://www.theusRus.de/Blog-files/EQ-Boxplot.png.

The coloring was only used to get a linking between all three plots in a static representation.

Antonio RInaldi

Just a note. A 1-unit increase in Richter scale corresponds to a 31.6 (not 10) multiplicative factor.

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