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Hmmm... when I click 'here' (to access Numbers Rule your World) I am taken to bloglines which, of course, is closing. I'm not sure whether your link goes to bloglines or whether my preferences are taking me there.

I've looked around to see how I can specify Google Reader as my default subscriber service, but can't see how. Grateful for any assistance. I'm using Firefox.


Gillian: When I click on the link in Firefox, I see a section at the top of the page where there is a pull-down menu to allow you to choose an application with which to subscribe. Do you see something like that?

If not, what you can do is to right click and copy the link location. Then go into the RSS reader and paste the link as a new RSS feed. I don't use Google Reader so I don't know exactly where to paste this. Perhaps other readers who use Google Reader can help...


I learned of your blog through an AMSTAT publication. Thanks for sharing your sister blog!

epm consulting

I heard of this actually, and it has been a talk of business owners recently.

Brad Fallon

I learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for sharing this. Keep on posting.

research papers

All details about this you can find in special articles and books. You just need to find it inInternet.

ezra abrams

you might check out brad delong's blog (http://delong.typepad.com/) where he has a lot of the graphs used in his class at UC berkely
a lot of htem are simple x,y timeseries charts of GDP vs time.
He uses several diff types of GDP (correct or not for infltion) and doesn't correct for population size....all in one blog post !


thank you for sharing article!I've looked around to see how I can specify Google Reader as my default subscriber service, but can't see how. Grateful for any assistance. I'm using Firefox. I will continue noticing your blog!

Miss Slips

Lucy - scroll down and go to the 'Residues' section (bottom right). Blog lines and Google Reader are there.

Greg Smith

I located your blog via avanish, I've totally enjoyed this blog as a great read, and can't wait for your new post's to be announced via my email. Thank you for taking the time to write such great posts.

Greg Smith

If I'm subscribed to this blog, shall I also receive content from "numbers rule your world". ?


You are overwriting the "stories" array every time you parse the XML (I assume that you are using the stores array in your tableview datasource).

ezra abrams

dear sir:
some time ago, I think you suggested, how about a chart you like ?
Figure 5 here

which is taken from another source (indicated)
I like this cause it is a great chart, in terms of info, but could clearly use some improvement - that is, this is one of those rare charts whoose message is important enough that it is worth editing.

Bill Seely

The subscribe link for junkcharts appears to be broken. When I clicked it, I saw the code for the page (as if I had clicked "View Source").

Allen Downey

Hi Kaiser: This blog is excellent! I am using a few of your examples in a talk I am preparing.

But I wanted to suggest that you should take more credit for the blog. Your name doesn't appear on it anywhere -- it was surprisingly difficult to identify the author!


Hi Bill, the subscribe links above are RSS feeds.

Hi Allen: thanks for the suggestion. Yes, I will fix that, I'm sure the publisher will be happy you pointed this out.

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