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Alan B

Device cannibalization: why leave out all but one data point?

App prices: these two data points do not comprise parts of a whole, why are they a pie chart?

US Map: circle diameter doesn't correspond to the data points... neither does circle area... so what is being shown here?


"The 15 data points are directly printed on the chart next to the 15 pies. Pick one!"

I don't understand this objection. You're saying that a table of plain numbers is an adequate substitute for a chart that shows those numbers visually?


Alan B: thanks for completing the post!

hmm: Yes, if the reader of the chart must consult the table of plain numbers in order to make sense of the chart. This is true almost always of pie charts, and that's why you see that the data is printed right onto the chart. I call this failing the "self-sufficiency" test.

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