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Here's an example of a similar idea. This is a comparison of how different polling firms have measured the President's job approval over the course of his term:

Each panel shows an overall combined trend line and how each firm's polls relate to that trend. You may be able to see that Fox tends to run above trend while Zogby, Harris, and AP tend to run below.

(In case you were wondering, the panels are ordered by the number of polls: in these data Gallup has done the greatest number of polls while Quinnipiac has done the fewest. Prior to Nov 2003, AP polls were done differently so I truncated before that).


I just hate when guys like Matt Holliday break into the league and 27 and a few years later their prime is already over.


Does anyone know how debut ages differ between high school and college draft picks?

Do high school picks actually get there faster, and if so, how much of a difference does it make on average?

If you have an answer, please email me at leftys_best@yahoo.com!



The black line, which is a mere baseline for comparison, overwhelms the green one, which is where the information is. Either the green line should be made bolder or a more vivid color, or the black line should be grayed down a little to put it further in the background.

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